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Achtung: Diese Geschichte ist nicht für Kinder oder Jugendliche unter 18 geeignet. Wem die verbale Beschreibung von Sex nicht zusagt, sollte ebenfalls hier aufhören zu lesen und sich nen Konsalik schnappen.

Pairing: Lee Adama (Apollo) + Tom Zarek, also slash! (Mein erstes!!!)

Inhalt: Battlestar Galactica-fanfiction, basierend auf der Folge "Meuterei auf der Astral Queen" oder "Bastille Day" (Episode 1.3.) Lee Adama lässt sich auf ein gefährliches Spiel ein ... mit Tom Zarek. Doch aus dem Spiel wird mehr als er erwartet hätte.

Sprache: englisch (meine erste in englisch!!! Seit also bitte gnädig.)

Disclaimer: Die Figuren gehören nicht mir, die Galactica gehört nicht mir ...leider. Und natürlich mache ich keinen Profit mit dieser Geschichte.

Und jetzt: Viel Vergnügen. Und es gilt wie immer: Feedback is welcome!

The weapon was aimed at his head, making clear who was predominant.
“You know nothing.” Tom Zarek whispered, a hint of anger in his voice. “You don’t know the real meaning of democracy and freedom, cause you don’t really know what it’s like not to be free, how you suffer to be robbed of every right you believed to have, how it feels to do exactly what someone else wants you to do without questioning him.”
“I’m a military man. I know how to obey orders.” Lee tried to sound calm not wanting to provoke the man. What did he know about him? Nothing. He was just a terrorist. Some may call him a revolution, but feeling the mouth of the gun against his temple, Lee now thought more of him as a criminal than a hero.
“That’s not the same thing, and even in military your type questions orders. And if I judge you right you didn’t always do what ordered to. Am I correct?”
Lee didn’t answer that. Not wanting to lie but also not willing to admit that he was judge right.
A satisfied smile flicked across the face of the man in power.
“I take that as a yes.”
Zarek bent down to his captive sitting on a stair to his feet bringing his lips near Lee’s ear.
“You wouldn’t survive a single day here in prison.” A hint of challenge was clearly to hear in his voice.

Lee ignored a feeling that tried to advised him against a danger. Instead he started to get angry. He was military educated for any possible situation and has survived many dangers and he was absolutely sure this prison was no real threat. Lifting his face in sullen pride he looked directly into the eyes of his opposite number.
“I’m able to place back my needs if necessary.” He was incited to contradict.
“Oh, it’s not only a matter of placing back your needs. Here you have to subordinate completely. With your mind and your body. If a jailer says jump you have to jump. If he says shut up you have to be quiet even if you’re half beaten to death.”

Lee could hear bitterness and shortly wondered what this man who holds freedom above all else has gone through in this dark place.
But his compassion volatilized immediately as Zarek continued to provoke him.
“You wouldn’t be able to submit that entirely. It takes great strength to do so. And you are not strong enough to put away your pride completely pampered as you are by your father.”

With that Zarek crashed through Lee’s self control.
“Leave my father out of this!” he said with clench teeth.
“Uhhh.” Zarek taunted with sarcasm. “Did I hit a weak point?”
This disgruntled the young man even more.
“I’m man enough to look after myself. Don’t assert I’m not strong. I’m stronger than you think.”
“Prove it!”
“What?” Lee was a bit confused.
“Prove that you are strong enough to submit if the situation demands it.”
Seeing a dangerous smirk in Zarek’s face a sudden malaise crept up Lee’s neck. He had a presentiment that he had gotten himself into something he would not so easily going to handle.
Feeling Lee’s discomfort Zarek laughed aloud.
“Do I sense anxiety? Afraid of your own courage?”
Zarek clearly wanted to challenge him, but Lee’s pride and headiness gained against his fear and caution. He was willing to face what was going to come.
“I do not retreat!”
The young man tried to sound certain, but even to his ear he could hear the little trepidation in his voice betraying his growing concern.
“Ok.” Tom Zarek stepped back still holding the weapon. “Stand up.”
Slowly Lee got to his feet waiting for the next command.
“Turn around and move.”
Lee hesitantly did as instructed and Zarek guided him into a corridor leading away from the conning bridge past many doors.
“Stop!” The soldier jerked to a halt.
Zarek opened a door to their left shoving Lee inside. A bright neon lamp lightened the room that was obviously a lounge for the ships crew. A large table dominated the room surrounded by six stairs. The left side was filled with grey wall closets, on the right were was a simple metal bed.
Lee slowly turned to Zarek and recognised a change in his expression. There was something in these brown eyes he couldn’t name and a shakiness took possession of his body. What was this inscrutable man up to?
Zarek waited a few seconds, just fixing his captive wanting to increase the strain. He intended to give this man a lesson never to forget.
With a smirk he gave his first command: “Take of your shirt.”

2 Lee stared cognition dawning what this was all about. His eyes swiftly wandered over Zarek’s body detecting a hint of a bulge under this overall. Now he was able to interpret the look in the eyes watching him so closely: lust. This man wanted to rape him! A panic crept up Lee’s neck and his first reflex was to advance backwards.

Zarek's look suddenly grew serious.
“Yes, your guess is right. I’m going to test your strength right in this room, in this bed over there. Down in this damned cell you were my master. Here I’m going to be yours. But first I give you a last chance to retreat. I’m no monster. I may use violence to achieve my political goals as you well know. I don’t deny that. But I will not force in such a intimate situation.”
Zarek paused letting his words to affect. He had seen the horror in Lee’s eyes. No! He didn't want to rape him. He wanted to know if this handsome soldier was too proud for subjection or if he was man enough to comply.
“If you retreat,” he continued, “it’s my prove that I was right. You're too weak. In case you engage with me I expect you to submit completely. I anticipate your subjection. Do it and you won’t regret a thing. I will bring you joy you never dare to dream of. Are you stout enough for this?”

Tom Zarek waited for an answer silently praying to the gods of Cobol this man would accept. The longer he was in company with this so called Apollo the more his interest in him had increased.
The first time he had met him Tom had learned that Lee had read his book in secret and the revolutionist had heard a kind of admiration in his words. It had been such a good feeling to be accepted once more. But despite this shown sympathy Lee didn’t just stay behind, when Tom’s planed insurrection started, but fought bravely although knowing he had no chance at all. Tom had admired this impetuous energy and a thought had grown in the back of his mind to test this energy in a more stimulating situation.
Now he had manipulated the young man into such a situation. Was his plan going to work? Maybe this was his last chance for joy before this was all over.
‘Come on, Lee. Be strong. Accept me!’

Lee was afraid and confused. He had thought about what this man was up to, but never in his wildest dreams had he thought about ... yes, he should name it: sex. But even more confusing was the fact what the choice was with him now. Zarek could force him. He had the weapon. But he wanted his acceptation, his permission. His permission to humiliate him?
‘I will bring you joy you never dare to dream of.’
The sentence echoed in his ear. Gods! He had to be insane. He seriously was thinking to accept. Images of naked skin suddenly flowed his mind and before he was aware he was tugging up his shirt.

“So, you are willing to past this test.”
Tom felt more than relieved that Lee obeyed cause despite his promise of not forcing him Tom was not sure of his own self-control. Just the view of these strong arms working in front of his hungry eyes started to arouse him more than he had imagined enjoying every move of this young body before him. He could see some hesitation but the soldier continued pulling off his shirt. Lee’s broad chest came in sight covered with no hair but a small trail down from his belly button disappearing behind the waistband of his dark-blue trousers.
That muscular torso reminded Tom that this man was anything but a weak victim. He was his hostage and he was well trained. Despite his now shown subordination Lee still posed a threat to his planes. He had to make sure the young man stayed inferior.
That was no problem. Tom knew this room. He had been here before ...under less comfortable circumstances. He quickly tried to chase away those galling memories and headed for a special closet not leaving Lee out of sight, opened a drawer and pulled out a pair of bracelets.

Seeing what Zarek now had in his hand the panic in Lee increased again. He never had liked the idea of being at somebody’s mercy and he surely didn’t like it in this bizarre situation. Nevertheless his stubbornness caused him not to run away.

“No retreat now, soldier.” Tom commanded, not wanting to chase his captive away before he had him secure and right where he want him to be, handcuffed to this bed.
“Sit down on the bed and take of your boots.”

Lee felt his knees going weak as this insane scenario continued, whether from fear or from growing anticipation, he could not tell, but he did as requested. Zarek threw the bracelets into Lee’s lap not wanting to take the risk to come into reach of his captive arms in case he dared a last attempt to escape.
“Put them around one wrist.” Tom waited till he heard the so very familiar sound of the bracelets closing around the flesh.
“Now lay down on your back, hands above your head.”
Lee laid down and rested his head on a small uncomfortable pillow. Lifting his arms he felt painfully vulnerable, even more so when he threw the free half of the bracelets around the iron head bar of the bed and let them close around his second wrist as instructed. Now there was no way out of this. He was trapped.


3 Tom let out a relieved sigh. This had been easier than he had feared. Maybe this Apollo wasn’t that averse to their game as he had suggested. Oh, he was so impatient to find out more about his pretty hostage. He laid down the weapon on the table, still nearly in reach of his arm – you never know. Then he went to the end of the room.

Lee could not see him there any longer. He could just hear him shuffle around. The sound of another drawer. His steps back. Zarek had placed something next to the pillow but he couldn’t spot what it was. His level of uncertainty mounted with every passing second.

“Now we will detect how strong you really are, my pretty one.”
Tom opened the buttons of his overall, unhasty, one by one, but stopped at his waist. Then he disburdened his arms and torso of the cloth and pulled of his shirt, emphatic slowly. And he enjoyed every moment. This was part of the game he loved to play. Starting real slow, forcing up impatience and shakiness of his victim.

And it worked perfectly. Without being touched Lee started to tremble. His nerves were already stretched to a dangerous level and his eyes didn’t miss a single of Tom’s tempting movements. Of course he had watched other men taking of their clothes and he had never in his hole life thought about anything sexual being close to another naked man. He was straight. At least that was what he had thought so fare. But this here, this was so, so ...stimulating. He watched closely as muscles moved under bronce skin assuming a strength that had been covered until now. Where a woman’s corpus was soft and tender, this male body before him radiated a potency that was overwhelming. Lee was shocked by these new emotions and at the same time anxiously waiting for the first touch.

Tom kicked of his shoes and inched toward the bed. In one swift sweep he straddled Lee’s long legs holding the hole body down, practically pinning the young man to the mattress, immobilising him. He was his now.

“Let me guess: You’ve never been together with another man!” It wasn’t really a conjecture. Tom could see it clearly in the face of the man lying under him so helplessly.

Lee licked his suddenly dry lips, not aware of how alluring this acted on Tom.
“No, I never...” He intended to use the word “sex” but he couldn’t pronounce it.
“Don’t be afraid. As long as you do exactly what I want you to do, I will do you no harm. But I warn you. Don’t annoy me!” Tom deliberately used a strict tone to make clear he would not tolerate disagreement.
Lee simple nodded not trusting his own voice any longer.
“Ok, now lay still and don’t move until I tell you to.”

Tom slowly bent down supporting his torso with his arms at each side of the broad chest before him, and his captive was horrified and thrilled at the same time to feel their lips get in contact. The first touch was so soft, even tentative. Lee could feel the damp breath against his closed lips. Another touch, this time a bit more forcefully. Warm lips were pressed against his and suddenly a wet tongue flipped out stroking along his lips desiring admission. Lee’s mouth opened of its own volition welcoming the intrusion. And Tom’s tongue darted out, penetrated him, claimed every inch and corner of this welcoming hollow, demanding subjection. Wild, fierce and without reservation.

Lee never had been kissed like this before. The force was overwhelming. He was given up to this man much more willingly than he had thought. Oh, gods, he was insane. He was just allowing a criminal male to kiss him, to seduce him and -what was sure to come- to fuck him. The thought went straight to his abdomen and he felt himself growing hard. He surely must have been totally crazy. And yet it felt so good. A moan escaped his throat and he closed his eyes savouring this strange new sensation.

The feeling of losing something of great value gripped him as Tom finally let off his mouth, both men panting for air, but then Lee hold his breath as this hot, wet mouth started to wander over his chin, his gorge and his collarbone, kissing, licking and biting its way to one of his nipples and paying attention to it until the dark disk was softly aching and his nipple was sticking out begging for more. Tom gave the other teat the same ministration before wandering lower. Each part of the young man’s torso was considered with tender kisses alternating with sharp bites, the antipode making Lee shiver all over. He moaned and sighed shamelessly. Till now he was so aroused that he thought he would soon burst although Tom hadn’t touched his member yet. What more was to come?

Tom was savouring this more and more. These lips felt so soft, this body was more than perfect, his skin tasted so wonderful, the muscles underneath radiating with their now sleeping power. The young man reacted to the smallest of his cares. It was as if playing on an instrument generating the most beautiful sounds nature was able to create: The sounds of pleasure.
And he was coming closer to the centre of the man’s desire. Even without looking or touching Tom knew how aroused Lee was. He could smell it. The most bewitching aroma he had ever known. Slipping a bit lower he slowly burrowed his face into the man’s private parts taking a deep breath.

The sudden pressure to his member caused Lee to cry out in delight and to lift his hips to get more in contact with something, anything, just any touch.

That was a mistake. Tom shot up, pressed his fists painfully against Lee’s hipbones, forced him down and hissed: “I said don’t move! Didn’t you listen? Be a good boy and do what I say.”

Lee’s eyes flew open, the pain shortly reminded him that he was a captive and not in the arms of a tender female lover. But that didn’t lessen his desire. Far from it! It forced up his longing even more if possible. He looked straight into Tom’s eyes and saw the fire there. He just whimpered helplessly and nodded.

A satisfied smile spread in Tom’s face. Now he could continue. Having his hands at these interfering trousers he decided to get rid off the remaining cloth. His hands slowly left Lee’s hips. Letting them wander to the centre he induced a soft pressure against the judge bulge causing Lee to cry out in pleasure again. But this time the young man found the strength to lay still.

“Yes, Lee. That’s it. Enjoy, but don’t act if not instructed. You won’t regret it.”

Lee started to shiver all over as Tom opened the button and the zipper. His cock sprang free, fully aroused and hot, begging for attention. But first Tom stood up, pulled of Lee’s trousers completely before he disrobed himself, threw his overall disregardfuly onto the floor and relished the sight before him.

There he lay, his victim for this hour, fully naked, aroused, sweating, panting. Although, Tom could see that Lee still felt embarrassed under his appreciating glance. Despite the pleasure he had felt so fare betrayed not only by his aroused member but by those sweet sounds of delight. Which ment he hadn’t surrender completely, not yet. Tom planned to change that.

“Spread your legs.”
There! He had seen it flashing in those dark eyes: A mixture of remaining pride and displeasure. Lee hesitated.
“I won’t repeat it! Do it!”
Tom’s tone was sharp. He had to make clear once more that he was the master and no other.

Reluctantly Lee obeyed. He was in totally inner confusion. A part of him protested loudly. His pride was shouting into his ear not to do what this criminal instructed. His sanity told him that there was no joy at all laying here on an uncomfortable bed, handcuffed, naked and forces to have sex with a male. But the biggest part of him was screaming for a kiss, a touch, for release, yes, even was begging to have this man’s cock inside, to get to know what it feels like to be taken by this large, proud member waiting between Zarek’s tights.
This confusion was surely to see on his face, but he couldn’t help it. Lying there exposed as never before he waited impatiently.

Tom returned slowly to knee between Lee’s outstretched powerful legs, enjoying for a moment the sight of Lee’s heavy cock and balls embedded in dark brown curled hair presented in front of his hungry eyes, than he bent in slow motion.

For a blink of an eye the soldier in Lee piped up. His legs were free now. He could kick of his enemy, possibly knocking him out. And than? He would still be chained to this bed.

The thought of resistance flew his mind immediately as Tom’s mouth enclosed his cock in one swift movement. It took all his self-control not to trust upwards into the welcoming heat. Tom’s lips and tongue worked their magic bringing him near the edge of completion, holding him there, letting him calm down a bit and bringing him up again. This was maddening. Tom seemed to know exactly his point of no return, denying him his release, but bringing him close enough to increase his pleasure to a never known level. Lee was shivering uncontrollable, sweat run down his body. He yanked his chains, helplessly panting and moaning.
He was barely aware of Tom’s hand reaching for what he had placed next to the pillow what seemed to be an eternity ago. He didn’t notice anything but Tom’s hot mouth until he smelt a hint of oil followed by the feeling of a slippery finger trying to enter him.

Lee stiffened immediately, his fear hit him with might and main.

“No!” Tom let go of Lee’s cock, grabbing his captive’s chin and forcing him to look into his eyes. He could see pure horror there.
“No, Lee. Don’t retreat now. Surrender.” Tom’s voice was hoarse with desire, hardly able to restrain. Holding eye contact he let go the chin and started to stroke Lee’s aroused member distracting him again. With his other hand he slowly kneaded the swollen balls until the horror in those dark eyes disappeared. He carefully let his fingers wander towards the stiff entrance and massaged the ring of muscles denying him admission. With all the tenderness he could find he let one finger slip into the young body.
“It’s ok, Lee. I won’t hurt you. Let it happen.”
Lee relaxed a bit, but still he couldn’t master his fear. Despite Tom’s words it hurt. He wasn’t able to relax any further until Tom’s finger hit something inside him. A hot wave of pleasure smashed through his hole body and he cried out in ecstasy.
“That’s it, Lee. Oh, yes, that’s it.”

Tom was gasping, the sounds coming now from the young man nearly pushed him over the edge. Carefully he added a second finger, then a third, stretching the virgin entrance of this beautiful winding body. He feared he couldn’t hold back much longer, but he had to break down the last, the strongest barrier. He slowly pulled out his fingers and positioned his pulsing member in front of the hot channel he so desperately wanted to enter, carefully increasing the pressure.

As he had expected the horror came back into those eyes now that his fingers no longer were petting the secret spot. The mixture of fear and longing for completion was nearly to much for Lee’s overstressed nerves. Tom supported his body on one arm, his other hand grabbed Lee’s hot cock again and stroked him carefully and steady, he bent down to kiss those sweet lips again with all the passion he had, feeling more than sympathy for this handsome man, so much more than he had anticipated.
“Lee!” He only whispered, barely to here. “Lee, please let go. Submit. Surrender to me and I give you what you so desperately need.”
And with another kiss, tender and full of love, betraying his affection at last, he added: “...what we both need. Please, Lee, let me love you.”

Lee Adama looked up into those eyes surprised to see a glint of a tear there. This was the moment he surrendered at last. His fear disappeared. He was no longer ashamed of being inferior. No, he was willing to give himself away completely, to taste the love of a man. Inviting he tucked up his legs to give Tom a better entrance.

Tom could have screamed with joy. But despite his stage of arousal he tried his best to take it slow. He pushed nearly tenderly to get past the ring of muscles to give Lee time to adapt his size. The young man tensed just shortly still feeling some pain but allowed Tom’s hand and mouth to distract him from malaise. Bit by bit Tom’s cock entered him, filling him, and soon the pain was replaced by a growing pleasure. With caution Tom pulled out just to push back again, each time intruding deeper.

Lee was panting. This was amazing. It felt so good, so right. He didn’t know any longer why he had feared this. The joy was increasing to a level he hardly could endure. Then Tom let go his mouth and cock, straightened up, gripped his tights, lifting him up a bit and suddenly hit those spot again, those spot Lee never knew to exist. Lee’s cries of joy filled the room accompanied by the gasps of Tom. Each trust was coming harder and faster now, rocking his hole body, each time Tom’s hot cock stimulated this spot more and more.
Oh, gods, this was heaven. He was so close now, so close, but still the ecstasy was getting higher and higher. Vehemently his intruder gripped his cock again stroking him in rhythm with his forcefully trusts. Lee couldn’t stand that. A few more strokes and he came hard, harder than ever before, crying out in pleasure.
The contraction of Lee’s orgasm finely pushed Tom over the edge. With a loud howl he shot his hot seed into the willing body, nearly weeping from joy.

Exhausted Tom sank down, both still short of breath. It took several minutes before their heartbeat was back to a normal rate.

Reluctantly Tom lifted up reached again next to the pillow to get the key for the bracelets he had placed there together with the healing oil from the first-aid kit. He reached for the head bar and unlocked the handcuffs.

Lee’s sense told him he should use the opportunity to overpower his taker but he couldn’t. His body was still swinging with joy, the new emotions to fresh to spoil them now with aggression. So he did something he had never imagined to do: he took the man, who had forced him into this, who had taken hostages, who had used violence in so many cases, into his arms, cradled him and felt blissful as Tom returned the embrace.
So they laid there for a while, both happy to leave the rest of the world outside for a few minutes more.


4 Lee felt like being in a wonderful dream but reality came fare too soon. A noise somewhere outside disturbed their pease. Tom looked up into those young brown eyes knowing it would soon be over, everything, this hostage-taking, this revolution and his live. A sadness clunched his soul but he had to finish this.

Faster than the young soldier had expected Tom jumped up out of his arm, grasped the weapon still lying there in his nearly reach on the table and aimed at his captive.
“I’m sorry.” He whispered, sadness in his voice.
“No, you´re not.” Lee had seen the change in those eyes, the desperation. But he was too hurt to have compassion. He felt used. He felt lonely. And he was angry with that man, who had awaken feelings in him never known before and now leaving him.
“Will you negotiate?” he asked with a last bit of hope.
“Your father doesn’t want to negotiate.”
Tom picked up his clothes, gestured Lee to stand up and to do the same. Then he steped behind the table bringing it between him and Lee to avoid a sudden attack. So he was able to lay down the weapon for a while to dress up again never leaving Lee out of sight who put on his cloth at the other side of the room. Tom straightened up to gain back his authority.
“His soldiers are coming already. Right now as we’re talking.”
Lee stared to his former lover, realisation dawning.
“You neither want free elections nor freedom. What you want is a blood bath!”
“You don’t understand.” How could he make this young man comprehend that this was his only remaining possibility to achieve his goals. His last desperate attempt to change something, anything.
“Oh, I understand. Tom Zarek is missing the headlines. They have forgotten him while he decayed in his cell during the last 20 years and now he sees the chance of a glorious departure. And he will use it.” Lee was so angry, he wanted to choke Tom.
“When Roslin causes a massacre on this ship with Adama’s soldiers, killing prisoners and hostages, noboby will forgive them. And that will bring down the government.”
Tom gestured Lee to leave the room and followed. He didn´t want to argue anymore. Nobody could do anything to change his mind, not even Lee.

Lee! Tom swallowed. This should have been a game. An entertainment for him and a lesson for this young man. It happened to be so much more. He had discovered that it was more than sympathy he was feeling for this young, proud man, who had just demontrated his strength and his passion. An admirable combination. Unfortunately Tom’s destiny wouldn’t allow him to experience more of it. His old friend despair grabbed him again. He was so sick of it.

But Lee wasn´t finished. His anger at Tom, at this hole situation was so great he wanted to shout it out loud. They had just arrived at the conning bridge when Lee turned around looking Tom right into his eyes.
“You assure, that all you do is for freedom, but the truth is: It´s all just about Tom Zarek and his personal death wish.”
Tom didn´t answer and Lee could see it: He had been right! God! What could he do now?

The guard who had released the prisoners came running in that moment.
“Tom, something’s going wrong.”
They could hear angry voices from downstairs.
“That’s Mason!” Tom recognized his companion. “What the devil...?”
A shot! The tree men ran as fast as they could downstairs to the cells.

Shit! Lee discovered Cally in a locked cell together with who seemed to be this Mason. That bastard clearly had tried to rape the young woman! Gods! He should have been there, Lee thought, he should have tried to avoid this instead of letting Tom fuck him. Shame and anger took possession of the soldier.
Cally had tried to fend off her rapist by biting of his ear. But she had paid for this, cause Mason had been armed and had shot Cally into her stomage. The situation was still dangerous. She laid there in her blood whining in pain holding her adbomen. And this Mason seemed to be nearly mad.
“Mason, Mason! What have you done?” Tom voice betrayed his horror.
His companion was runing up and down the cell clearly not in his right mind. “She bit off my ear.” He lament.
Cally still had strength to counter: “Your own fault!”
Lee pressed: “Open the cell. She was shot!”
But Tom first wanted to disarm his friend: “Mason, give me the weapon!”
Mason didn´t react. He seemed not to hear anything outside the cell.
Lee turned to the revolutionist: “You said, you are no monsters. What would you call that?”
Mason continuied to moan. The situation acuminated.
“You did this. You put him in a cage. You made him a monster.” Tom sounded desperate. He didn´t want this to happen. He didn´t what his people to hurt or kill. Gods! This went all so awry.
Mason shouted again sounding really mad now: “Bally bitch! You all deserve death. You first.” And he aimed at Cally. She wept in agony.
“He will do it!” Lee cast a look at his former lover promting him to do something.
But Tom just replyed in a sad tone: “You reap what you sow.”

No help from him! Lee acted as quick as a flash: Tom didn’t have his weapon with him, but the guard behind him was armed. A fast attack and Lee was in possession of the gun. One precise shot was enough to kill Mason. He swirled around, forced Tom to knee down and aimed at his head.
Lee breathed heavily. Now their rolls were switched. Now he had the weapon. He only had to shoot and this hostake-taking was over. Without their leader these men were much more easier to handle. The decision was with him.

“What now, Tom. Do you still have a death wish? You’re ready to leave this world? Right here? Right now?”
Tom felt devastated. This went all wrong. He had planed to go down in flames and with that to change something at last. All these years in prison he had been nobody, a number, a slave of no importance and no posibility to move anything in the world. All these years they had deny him freedom and a free will. A voice to speak. An audience to listen. He couldn´t bear that no longer.
And now the only light in his life for so long aimed a weapon at his head ready to kill him. No, he didn’t want to suffer anymore.
He lifted up his head. “Yes.”

Lee felt broken-hearted. The man in front of him, the man who started to mean more for him than any other human being ever before, this man wanted to die because he could see no way out of this. He couldn’t see a future. The young man’s mind was working. There had to be a solution! There had to be a way out of this, without victims, without killing, …without loosing this man.

Yes! There was an answer, but it depended on Tom as well.
“Too bad. 'Cause this is what you're gonna do. You're gonna tell your men to help us get that water off the moon. They're gonna work for their points. And they're gonna earn their freedom. And then, then you're gonna get your elections.”
“What?” Tom lifted up his face, pure astonishment in his eyes.
“Cause you were right Tom!” Lee continued. “You were right about democracy and consent of the people. I have learned my lesson.” Lee shortly shivered in memory of there union. “I believe in those things. And we're going to have 'em. And you can have 'em too. Or you can have this bullet. Your call.”

Lee tried to calm his trembling fingers not wanting anybody to know how agitated he was. He knew it was his duty to shoot Tom, if he resisted. But he wasn’t sure if he was able to do it. So he waited impatiently, silently praying.
And his eyes were begging Tom to submit. ‘Please,’ they seemed to say, ‘please, Tom, trust me like I trusted you. Don’t let me shoot you. I don’t want to do it. Please!’

The silent conversation was unnoticed by anyone around. Tom thought about the options. If Lee betrayed him, he was more lost than he had been before, but if he was telling the truth, his solution was better than any of his plans had been.
But Tom hesitated: “Who guaranteed, that your father and the president keep their word?”
“Nobody. If you free the hostages, we will leave you the ship. If they follow you, you still could have your last combat. Your call. You reap what you sow.”
‘Please, Tom! It’s the only way. Please retreat.’

Tom clearly saw the pleas in Lee’s eyes. What did that mean? He wasn’t sure he could trust his father or the president, but seeing into those brown eyes he detected he trusted Lee. This man would do what he could to keep his promise.
So Tom made his decision: “Ok, ok!” And he turned to his men still standing around the small group ready to shoot. “Lower your weapons.”
From the corner of his eyes Lee could see them obay as a wave of relieve washed through his mind, but he had to help Cally at first.
“Make way!” With one shot he opened the cell, stepped inside with Tom who looked at his dead friend with sad eyes.
“It’s alright, Cally. You’re gonna be ok. Hang on, did you listen?”
Cally just noded.

Then Lee looked up. And with pure horror he saw the red laser point aimed at Tom’s head. They were here already. His father’s soldiers! Gods! No!
Don’t shoot!
He jumped up, grapped the front of Tom’ s overall and pulled him down with him. The shot echoed through the cells but it didn’t find its target.
“Cease firing!” Lee jumped up and was clearly to hear over the horrified voices of the shocked prisoners who soon were surrounded and overpowered by the soldiers.

It was over! They have won. And the hostiges were alive. Lee gave in to his fatigue for a moment and closed his eyes. When he opened them again he saw Tom crying! His master for one hour was crying with relief! At last he was willing to live!
And Tom whispered, only for Lee’s ears to hear: “Thank you!”

All hostages and guards were safe in his father’s ships along with each weapon that was to find on the Astral Queen. The former prisoners were busy exploring the ship that was now their new home.

Lee and Tom were the last standing at the lock. They faced each other wordlessly. The young man was reluctant to leave. He felt he had to say something, to do something. He wasn’t sure what.
Yes, he had been his captive, Tom had forced him into an act, but...he had enjoyed it. More than anything. And he admitted inwardly, that this man ment a lot to him.
Could he detect the same feelings in Tom’s face?
Lee chased away his doubts, willing to make the next move, even to risk to act ridiculous. Slowly he closed the distance between them. Tom didn’t recede. His eyes seem to get darker. Lee was so near now, their bodys got in touch. Then he bent forward and kissed his former lover warily.

And he wasn’t rejected. It was as if Tom was melting against him. They wrapped their arms around each other, holding tide as if they were the only thing in the universe that could safe them from drowing.
The kiss deepened. Lips opened to let their tongues meet in a dance of passion and love, not fighting for dominance but tangled into each other, tasting the opposite sweetness.
Lee began to vibrate pressing his hips forcefully forward to let Tom know of his arousal. He was rewarded with a similar hardness. Both men began to rub against each other. Their passion caused them to forget their surrounding ...until a noice behind Lee penetrated their world.

Kara was standing there, clearing her throat. Lee blushed deeply and let go of Tom who shortly smirked but then went solemn immediately. Both men were panting, but they didn’t say anything.
“Ehm,” Kara searched for words. “Lee, everybody’s waiting for you. I.... I go ahead.” With that she turned around and disappeared inside the lock.
Tom bent forward and gave Lee a short but tender last kiss: “Go, they are waiting.” He tried to sound calm although he felt like crying.
“We will see each other?” Lee couldn’t hide his sadness.
“Yes, Lee.” Tom smiled. “If that’s your wish?”
“It is!”
“Mine, too, pretty one.”

A last sad smile and Lee turned around heading for the lock. With the sound of it closing behind him Tom aloud his tears to fall. But he had to clinch to the hope that this was not an everlasting farewell.


5 Lee sat in the last corner of the transporter next to Kara who let another pilot fly the ship back to the Galactica, a sure sign that she was up to something.
‘Please, don’t let her make nasty remarks.’
That was all Lee could think. He could still feel Tom’s lips touching his, could still taste him, could still remind his cock pressing hard agaist his member. He had to stop this or he certainly was going mad.
“Lee?” Now she would surely start her teasing!
“Lee, are you alright?”
Lee stared at his comrade in astonishment. There was no smirk on her face. No sneer that she had him in her grip with what she had witnessed. Only compassion.
“Yes, I’m ok.” It was a lie and she saw through it immediately.
“Hey, Cowboy, it’s me, your Starbuck. Don’t try to lie. It doesn’t work. I know you better than that.” She paused. “Or at least... I thought I know you.” She twinkled, but then she added in solemn. “Ok, what happened there on that ship?”
“I ... I don’t know it myself. I made an experience that has changed everything that I thought I know.”
“An experience?” And than she understood. “Oh!”
Lee looked shocked and Kara tried to calm him. “Don’t worry, Lee. I don’t want to know any details, although I admit I’m curious.” She waved her hand ordering him not to interrupt her.
“Hey, you can trust me, ok? And now I repeat my question and a want an honest answer: Are you alright?”
“No!” Lee felt miserable. He didn’t want anybody to know anythink about Tom and him, but he had desided he had to put his trust in his friend. At least she had seen them kissing and embracing and ...oh, gods!
“I’m not alright, ok? I feel horrible. Kara, I’m so confused. I don’t know myself.”
“May I help you?” She sounded ebullient, but her eyes betrayed that she worried about Lee.
“How?” How could she help, when he didn’t know himself what was going on?
“Let me resume: I saw how you two have kissed each other. And I’m not blind. That was not a kiss between brothers. Lee, you have feelings for this man! Don’t look so shocked!”
“I’m straight!” Lee had raised his voice in anger and was glade that the noises of the ship and the conversations going on drew out his words.
“Are you sure?” Kara paused. She had the feeling that Lee needed time to fathom these new emotions for a while.
It seemed like an eternaty when Lee finally said: “No, I’m not sure any longer.”
“So, search out. Do you want sex with me?”
“Kara!” Lee was horrified.
“See? That’s a prove. Ok, if I’m honest, it’s more a hint than a prove.”
“Don’t make fun of me.”
“That’s not my intention.” She was serious again. “But I mean it: search out your emotions. And if you need a friend to talk, I’m here for you.”
“Thanks.” Lee startet to smile at last.
“See? That’s better. And Lee.” She lowered her voice knowing that was something better kept between the two of them. “In future I often will have to check up the whereabout of the Astral Queen thanks to your arrangements. There is always a place for you in my Viper …if you want to check out yourself what is going on on that ship.” She twinkled again causing Lee to laugh for the first time for hours.
“I think about accepting your offer. Thank you, Kara.”
“You’re welcome.” She stood up. “Hey!” Kara shouted through the ship. “What does this pilot have in mind flying this ship like being on a roller coaster. Haven’t he learned to fly acurately? I better help this idiot.”
With that she covered the distance to the pilot’s cabin.

Lee could here her debating with the pilot for a long time feeling much better than a few minutes before. Yes, he would find out what he really felt. And than he would visit Tom. With a satisfied smile he closed his eyes and allowed himself to dream ….dream of another meeting with Tom Zarek.

The end

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