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Supernatural- Fanfiction

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Achtung: Diese Geschichte ist nicht für Kinder oder Jugendliche unter 18 geeignet. Wem die verbale Beschreibung von Sex nicht zusagt, sollte ebenfalls hier aufhören zu lesen und sich nen Konsalik schnappen. Extra-Warnung: Diese Geschichte beinhaltet Insest.

Pairing: Sam Winchester / Dean Winchester

Genre: Supernatural, First time story

Rating: NC-17

Warning: Slash, Insest

Sprache: englisch

Disclaimer: Die Figuren gehören nicht mir. Und natürlich mache ich keinen Profit mit dieser Geschichte.

Viel Vergnügen. Und es gilt wie immer: Feedback is welcome!


Dean saw it almost too late. This bloody creature wasn’t just burning to death. It would explode. And his brother was far too close not be in danger. He jumped, crossing a distance larger than ever before, crashed into Sam, knocked him off his feet and pinned him to the ground. Just in time he was able to cover the body with his own and wrap his arms around Sam’s head to block the sharp pieces of wood that busted into the air around them as the monster exploded with a screaming noise.

He remained like that for a few more seconds, just to make sure the danger was over, then he lifted his upper body a bit to scan Sam’s face for any hint of pain or injury.
“Are you ok?”

Sam could hear the concern in his brother’s voice. But he had to catch his breath before he could answer. The harsh impact to the ground had pushed the entire air out of his lungs. And … Dean was lying on top of him.
“Yes, Dean, I think neither that burst nor your attack has caused any damage.”

A wave of relieve washed through the older brother. That had been damned close. Too close in his opinion. Sam was his little brother. It was his first duty to watch over him, to protect him from any harm. He had promised it to their father. And -which was even more important - to himself.
The emotional stress of the last days while they’d hunted this beast, the relieve, his exhausted body ... he couldn’t say what exactly caused him to do what he did in that moment. He bent down to his brother’s face and kissed him. Just a short kiss, lips barely touching.

In an instant Dean realized in shock what he was doing. He backed off immediately, jumped up and took a few steps back. He was horrified. What had he done? What had he been thinking, kissing his sibling? Was he a pervert?
Without a word he turned, and fled down the dark and narrow street, practically running back to their motel
… leaving his brother lying on the ground, panting and even more breathless than a few moments before.

Back and forth. Back and forth.
Dean was pacing the small room like a tiger in its cage, trying desperately to get along with his emotions.
He had kissed Sam! His little brother Sam! Ok, he wasn’t so little any more, just younger. He was strong and clever and handsome and cute.


He had to stop this nonsense!


This couldn’t be! This shouldn’t happen! He was NOT, in no way, allowing his feelings for his brother to be anything else than … yes, just brotherly. No way!

Back and forth. Back and forth.

What should he do now? Talk to Sam? Say that …. yeah, what should he say? ‘Sorry. My Mistake. I was in an emotional stress and couldn’t think straight?’

Oh, wonderful! Straight! That would be just the right word to make it worth. How could he think about Sam in that way when he was used to scan every pretty girl to get a bit of fun? What madness was that? Madness? Sin! He shouldn’t feel like that.

“Ok, try to calm down,” he said out loud. “You shouldn’t figure out what you should feel but what you DO feel. Otherwise you figure out nothing but the moral side.”

Sammy. Think about Sam. They were a good team. Yes, they really were. He would go to hell to keep him save. Even though he had convinced his little brother to join him in hunting. Why? Because he couldn’t do it all by himself? Because Sam was family? Yes, but also because he had missed him. Dean had to admit that he was feeling real good when he was close to his brother.

Close? How close?

Dean suddenly remembered how many times he had watched his brother while the younger man was sleeping. Ok, he had been sure he had done it because of these nightmares Sam used to have, to make sure his little brother was ok.
But why could he remember every inch of his face in a nearly intimate way, every little, crazy detail: the curve of those lips, his cheekbones, that stubborn chin, the dark stubble. Images came to his mind: Sam, stepping out of the shower. Sam, stripping off his clothes after a hard days work. That body! Strong and more muscular than his own, long powerful arms, brown skin, a broad chest with dark nipples, a flat abdomen with a tiny bellybutton, sharp hipbones and a small waist. Dean’s thoughts wandered lower. Why for heaven’s sake could he remember exactly how the cock of his brother looked like?
Man! He was thinking of the cock of his brother and was getting hard.
Hell! He was in trouble!

Back and forth. Back and forth.

What could he do now? He couldn’t just say ‘Hey, brother, you make me horny!’
Damn! How could he even think such sinful thoughts?
He had to hide it. He would do that! He was able to control those wrong feelings. They were wrong, perverse, sinful … and so damned strong.

Sam laid there for what seemed to be an eternity. He didn’t feel the cold air or the hard ground. And first he wasn’t even able to think. He was shocked and bewildered.
Dean had kissed him!
Of all possible things he could think of a kiss from his brother was the last on his list. How to react on that? He knew what he himself wanted. That was clearer than anything else. But what about Dean?

Back and forth. Back and forth.

He stopped instantly as he heard the door.


A short look. Then he turned his back on his little brother.
God! He wouldn’t make it! He wouldn’t be able to hide the newly discovered feelings. How could he? This little look was more than enough to rise his blood pressure, to make his heart pound like he was just having his first date ever, to let butterflies explode in his guts … and to let his cock react in an embarrassing strong way.
“It took you damned long to get here.” It should sound like a joke but it came out totally wrong. Kind of desperate.
Holy shit!

Sam wasn’t sure how to interpret that but there was definitely a huge change in his brother’s behaviour. Could that mean what he wanted it to mean? Sam decided he had to take the risk and made the next step. For good or bad. Cause there might be no second chance.

“Don’t play me for a sucker, Dean. Don’t even try to pretend nothing happened out there.”

“What do you mean?” Dean was still holding tight to the "What the fuck are you talking about?"- strategy.

“You’ve kissed me.”

Ouch! To hear it from his brother made it painfully real to Dean. He didn’t dare to turn around.
“Just forget it, ok?”

“No!” Sam’s voice sounded bitter. “How could I forget such a thing?” Dean didn’t react.
“Dean, for god's sake, turn around and have the courage to look me in the eye.”

Slowly as if with great effort Dean turned around.
Oh man! Those eyes! Those big green eyes of his little brother –so often watching him with trust- were now veiled with desperation.

“Listen, Sammy, it was a mistake, ok? I was just a little too concerned that you may have been injured. An emotional overreaction, right? Forget about it.” Phew! That came out better than he'd thought.

But obviously not for Sam.
“Mistake? Forget about it?” He sounded hurt. “I don’t believe you.”

“Please, Sam, it was nothing,” he assured him, but Sam recognized that Dean turned away slightly when talking, not facing him directly.

“Don’t you dare!” There was anger in his voice.

“What?” Dean didn’t comprehend.

“Don’t you dare to look away when saying something like that. Look me in the eyes! Look me straight in the eyes and say that it wasn’t more than a brother’s concern.”

But Dean didn’t. “Sam, I can’t ...”

“No!” Sam was actually shouting. “No excuses! Look at me!”

Dean hesitated, but than he turned back again, tentatively searching eye contact.
“I…” he started. But he couldn’t. He couldn’t deny what he was feeling.
“It’s wrong!” It suddenly erupted. “What I feel is wrong! Ok? You are my brother, aren´t you? I shouldn’t have … such feelings, right? So I will get over it. That’s it!”

“Get over it? You want to get over the feelings you have for me?” Sam was clearly upset, but his brother was too busy trying to get along with his own emotions to notice it.

“Don't you get it? My feelings are wrong. They are not of the kind of love brothers should have for each other. They are not …normal.” He turned around again, angry with his brother that he just couldn’t understand his problem.

So he missed that hopeful smile that started to spread across Sam’s face. He hadn’t misjudged the kiss! Oh god! Dean felt it, too. He wasn’t the only one. He should have known.

“Dean”, Sam started solemn, “we’ve never been normal. We are as fare from normal as siblings could be. So why should our feelings for each other be an exception?”

The change and serious tone in his brother’s voice finally made the older brother listen more closely.
“…for each other?”
Dean still was trying to figure out what that sentence meant when Sam carefully grabbed his shoulders and turned him around.

Those eyes! Those green eyes were so close now and a bit darker than Dean remembered them to be. His brother’s face, so pretty and adorable, came even closer. Dean stood strong and stiff as his brother’s lips touched his own again. Soft lips, warm and tender. And they felt so fucking good.

Sam retreated slightly, nervously waiting for a reaction. Dean remained motionless. It was reaction enough for Sam. Carefully he kissed his brother again, this time he lingered longer, tasting finally what he had craved for so long. Parting his lips he intensified the kiss slowly. Or as slowly as he was able to for his desire had increased to an amazing level just by this small contact.

And Dean responded. At last. He moved into the kiss that seemed to take his breath away and opened his mouth in return.

Sam accepted the invitation immediately. His tongue darted out, entered his brother’s mouth and claimed every inch of that wet cavity with growing passion. He couldn’t hold back any longer. The taste of his brother affected his whole body, his dick was already hard as steel. He needed more. More contact. More touch. More of everything. His hands, still lingering on his brothers shoulders, started to move; one to Dean’s neck to hold the head in place, the other moved down his brother’s back, wound itself around his waist and pulled the other man's body tight.

It was a risk. A risk he was willing to take for he was far beyond the point where he was able or willing to stop. Dean would feel it. He would feel how aroused his little brother was. A kiss was one thing. A hard cock another.

Oh, man! His brother could kiss. Dean should have known. But he never anticipated him to be so demanding. And he surely never had imagined how much a kiss of his little brother could turn him on. He was on fire. Burning with a desire that was hidden for so long and now released in an explosion. Dean didn’t retreat when Sam suddenly pulled him close. He didn’t want to hide his agitation any longer.

God! The sudden pressure of Sam’s hard dick against his own nearly pushed him over the edge. Dean wrapped his arms around his brother, holding tight. His hip started to move of its own, creating more friction.

Sam groaned. He could feel it: his brother was as hard as he was. Man! This was heaven.

He had made his little brother groan! Dean forgot to breathe. Nothing has turned him more on than this soft noise from Sam. And he himself was the reason for that! His action had caused this wonderful sound. Dean moved his hips a little more and was rewarded with another soft sigh, and a heat that ran through his lower body. His hands started to caress Sam's back. He felt the well-trained muscles underneath the shirt. Oh god, he needed to feel skin. Impatiently, his fingers rummaged under the cloth and dug into flesh.

This time his brother groaned louder, let go of Dean’s mouth and threw back his head. Dean took the chance, and kissed his way across Sam’s chin and throat. Wow! He never had imagined his skin could taste so bloody good. He licked away the salty sweat and kissed the skin wet again. With every kiss he could feel a shiver running through the hot body in his arms. He continued his kissing, causing shiver after shiver till he reached the collar. He cursed silently.

Damned shirt!

Dean let go off the muscles he was still kneading and yanked up the clothes.

Sam wanted, no, needed to get rid off his shirt. So he released Dean reluctantly and lifted his arms to help getting off the disturbing piece of clothing. Then he grabbed Dean’s in response and impatiently pulled it off. It hadn’t quite touched the floor when he pulled his brother close again, finally enjoying the feeling of skin to skin.

Dean intended to continue his journey over warm skin again, but Sam was faster. His hot lips captured his neck, sharp teeth nibbled on his oversensitive skin. A shiver ran through Dean. He never had wanted to be marked, to be anybody’s possession. But Sam, oh god, yes, he wanted to be Sam’s. The mouth sucked, the tongue licked and the teeth worked till the spot on Dean’s neck turned purple. All the while Sam’s hot breath ghosted over his skin, and made the older brother tremble.

Now those talented lips wandered over his collarbone and further down till they found a dark nipple. A wet tongue flip out and licked it till the tiny knob stuck out. Dean gasped. He was hardly aware that Sam was moving them slowly backwards to one of their beds, pulling him with. His body was following of its own accord, unwilling to lose the contact.

They reached the bed and Sam sat down slowly, his lips never leaving his brothers skin. But now he was able to move lower. Sam let his tongue glide over the torso, took his time to explore every inch while Dean was constantly whispering things like “Sam, oh god, Sam, yes!”
The moment Sam started to open his button and zipper, Dean wasn’t capable of saying anything at all. He was strained to a nearly unbearable level.

Sam took his time. So long. He had waited so long to do this. And now it was finally happening. After this night nothing would ever be the same. It was exciting and frightening at the same time.
His hands slid under the waistband of his brother’s jeans and boxers, and pulled them gently down. What a sight!

His brother’s cock was fully erect, its tip red and glistening with precome. Sam couldn’t resist. And he didn’t want to. His tongue darted out and he licked the slit with pleasure, tasting his brother’s essence for the first time. His reward was a sharp gasp from Dean. Then Sam opened his mouth a bit wider and let the heated head slip into it, slow, enjoying every inch of Dean’s member as if it was the most delicious thing to taste. He let it glide deep into his throat, retreated and moved back again, increasing his speed and pressure each time. All the while he let his tongue play with every reachable part of the dick.

Dean moaned load.

His brother could blow as good as he could kiss. Everything Sam did, he did it will skill and passion. And enthusiasm. His hot mouth, his tongue. It felt so damned good. Dean dared to look down. And the mere side of Sam’s red swollen lips, closing around his member, nearly made him come.
He was close, so close, only a few more strokes, when Sam suddenly let go off his dick. Dean couldn’t repress a disappointed whimper but then he watched Sam kicking off his shoes, slipping back onto the bed and lying down. With slow, tempting movements his little brother opened his jeans, never losing eye contact, lifted his hips and let his trousers and boxers slide over his hips. His long, lean cock came in sight and Dean forgot to breathe as Sam freed his legs completely from the fabric. Finally, he laid there, fully naked as god had created him.

Dean started to get nervous. Although he had never been together with a man before he wasn’t oblivious of how two men made love. He just wasn’t sure what part his brother wanted him to play. He panicked briefly for he was certain he wasn’t prepared to be on the receiving end. Not yet.

Sam could see the fear in his brother’s eyes. He knew what Dean felt right now. He surely had looked the same his first time.

His first time.

It seemed to be centuries ago, although it had been only a few years. Back in those days when he'd discovered that his feelings for his older brother were more intense, more intimate then they should be. The shock had been immense. He was not only gay but in love with his sibling. First he had denied these feelings. Then, not wanting to compromise or approach Dean, he had looked for release with strangers. Not always a lucky experience. Later he had been so desperate that he had denied his sexual orientation completely, and chosen to be with girls. He had nearly been happy with Jessica when Dean suddenly had walked into his life again.
Sam never had been good in rejecting Dean’s wishes. So he'd gone with him and tried to hide his feelings and get along with this desperate longing inside.

Not anymore!
“Dean.” His voice sounded raw. “I want to feel you inside. Could you do this for me?”

Dean swallowed. His panic made room for a new fear. Dean didn’t want to hurt his brother. And as far as he knew, to have sex in that way would hurt. He couldn’t imagine it to be pleasurable in any way.

Sam sensed Dean’s fear. He could nearly read his brother’s thoughts in this face he’d adored for so long.
“Dean, you won’t hurt me. Trust me. You just have to …” He hesitated. “… prepare me, ok? It’s been a while since I last had sex that way.”

“Been a while?” The older brother was bewildered. “You had… I mean … sex with men before?”

“Dean, I’m gay.”

“You are not!”

“Yes, I am.”

“But Jessica…”

“Jess was a diversion. An attempt to pretend I am normal. I loved her but she’s never been more than a poor compensation. She could under no circumstances replace my desire for men … and for you.”

Dean swallowed. “For me?”

“Yes, Dean.“ Sam’s voice was soft now and full of love. “Haven't you ever noticed? How I adored you? How I begged for your attention?”

“No.” Dean was confused. “Or at least I thought it was a boy wanting affirmation from his older brother.”

“That’s why I left in the first place, Dean. I couldn’t bear any longer to be near you and not to be with you. Not to touch you and be touched by you. Please, Dean, touch me. Touch me now!”

Dean suddenly felt an excitement running through his whole body.
Touch. Yes, he wanted to touch.
With growing desire, all fears forgotten, he kicked off his shoes, stepped out of his trousers and boxers and scrambled onto the bed.

Carefully, Dean straddled his brother and bent down to kiss him again, slowly and with all the tenderness he could muster. The parts of his skin that already touched Sam’s body seemed to be on fire. He allowed his hand to explore his brother’s chest. And this chest was … oh my god … it felt so extremely good. The muscles. Sam’s hot, sweaty skin. His fingers enjoyed every single touch, even more when he discovered those spots that made his little brother shiver und tremble. His throat for example seemed to be very sensitive, so Dean let go off Sam’s lips and started to follow his hands with wet kisses. Every time he was able to elicit a new groan his own arousal increased. He let his tongue wander over Sam’s collarbone to a dark nipple and licked it until it stuck out, and Sam didn’t stop to sigh at all. Dean tried to suck it into his mouth, but it was more difficult to do his with a man’s nipple than that of a woman. He managed it none the less, started to bite carefully and was rewarded with a soft cry.
Oh, he wanted do this the hole night! Make his brother sigh and cry.

Sam writhed shamelessly underneath his brother. How long had he dreamed of this? Each touch was so thrilling. He couldn’t think anymore, wasn’t able to speak. All he could do was to feel. His complete body seemed to be humming. His blood was running through his veins like a stream of lava. Dean’s hot mouth wandered lower. And with each inch Sam trembled more and more. His excitement grew to a nearly unbearable level. And then, Jesus Christ! Dean really let his brother’s cock slip between his lips.
Sam cried out loud and could just barely stop his body to shoot vehemently into his brother’s mouth.

Dean felt weird for only a second. He had imagined that having a cock in his mouth should feel queerer but it was … it felt … fascinating. So soft and hard at the same time, warm, not at all the taste he had expected. He got some problems not to choke, but the way Sam reacted to this… oh boy! He loved to drive his brother wild this way. So Dean gave his best. He let his tongue play like Sam had done it before. He varied the pressure of his lips and tried to get as much of Sam’s cock into his throat as he was able to. All the while he fondled Sam on every part of his body he could reach.

“Dean!” Sam nearly shouted. “Dean, I…!”

Sam tried to warn his brother. He really did. But Dean held tight, not willing to miss anything of Sam’s orgasm.

His release came with such a force, Sam trembled uncontrollable. Afterwards he lay there, trying to catch his breath.

Dean had swallowed, and was shocked and amazed at the same time that he had, the taste not at all as bad as expected. Then he let go off the cock that started to soften, crawled up beside his brother and took him in his arms. Sam immediately cuddled up against his chest and stayed there for several minutes till his heartbeat had slowed down at least a bit.

Dean looked down into the face he loved. “Are you ok?”

Sam chuckled. “Ok? You ask me if I’m ok after you fulfilled one of my top 5 of my favourite wet dreams?”

“You had a list of your favourite wet dreams?” Now it was Dean who chuckled softly.

“Of course.” Sam hugged a little firmer. “You don’t?”

Dean thought about that for a moment. Yes, he had to admit he has had such a list. But he was sure he had to make a new one after this night. Then a thought crossed his mind, and he grinned.
“What else is on your list?”

Sam loosened his embrace and looked straight into Dean’s eyes.
“You already know one other wish.”

He let go off Dean completely, laid back into the pillow and stretched. Then he took a deep breath.
“I want you to fill me. I want to feel you come inside of me.”

Sam saw Dean’s face get serious and added quickly: “Only if you wish to... I mean … you don’t have to … if you don’t want….” He stopped.
He was babbling although he was more in the mood for begging. The mere thought of Dean’s cock inside him made him hard again.

Dean’s concerns about hurting his brother came back. But Sam had asked him to do it. And …oh god … seeing Sam lying there, waiting for him … yes, he wanted to bury himself into this body, more than anything.

“What should I do?”

“You need to stretch me.”

“Stretch? Oh.” Dean understood. “ Don't we need …?”

“Look into my dufflebag. There should be our healing oil. That should do it.”

Dean reached down to the bag lying next to the bed and quickly found the bottle inside. Opening it he recognized that his hands shook slightly. Fuck! He was antsier then he wanted to admit. He poured a great amount into his right hand and oiled it thoroughly. Then he closed the bottle again and reached for his brother.
Sam bend his knees, spread his legs and waited impatiently for the first touch, the anticipation making him tremble.

Now Dean was glad for that one night, where he got drunk in a dirty little pub in an even dirtier city. He had sat there at the bar sipping from a whiskey that had tasted like an old cat when this heavy drunken man had approached him. Why he thought Dean was his man, the older brother didn’t know, but this guy had tried to seduce him by telling him exactly what he could get when he chose to follow him into his hotel room. He had been disgusted by the approach and the things he had heard, had pushed the man from his bar stool and had left the bar immediately.
Dean had never thought that this experience would be for something good.

Although this technical knowledge didn’t calm him down a bit. Dean started out slowly. He knelt between his brother’s legs, bent over the body and gave Sam another kiss. First softly, nipping at his lower lip, licking down the contour. His own desire and the soft sigh of Sam made him grow bolder very fast. His kisses got wilder, more passionate. And after a while he dared to start touching. He rested his hand on Sam’s groin and then let it wander. First his hand tenderly stroked his brother’s by now nearly fully erected member a few times in a slow and nearly soothing way, then his fingers moved lower. He caressed the soft balls and could feel his brother shiver. That gave Dean the needed courage to let his forefinger move a bit lower to find the tight ring of muscles that seemed to deny him intrusion. He began to massage the entrance and almost immediately Sam started to relax a bit as if he had just waited for this touch to open up. Dean took the invitation and let his oiled finger slip into the body. His brother broke the kiss, and took a sharp breath.
Dean immediately stopped his movement. “Did I hurt you? Are you ok?”

Sam sighs. “Perfectly fine. Keep on, Dean, please.” He moved his hips down to get Dean’s finger deeper inside. “Pleeease!”

Dean’s heart beat a bit faster than it already did.
What a sight!
His brother moved sensuously in passion, his head thrown back, his mouth slightly open and his eyes black as the night. So Dean moved his finger, slowly and carefully, feeling the tight muscle relaxing further after a while. Then he added a second finger, then a third, stretching the ring and preparing his brother for … Oh God! Dean felt his blood rush like a wave through his body and into his penis with the mere thought of that he was going to do.

Sam couldn’t form a single word anymore. His whole body was concentrated on his brother’s fingers and his hips couldn’t hold still, riding them with growing pleasure. His sighs got louder till Dean removed his fingers.

Sam lifted his head to gaze at his brother: “Dean.” He tried to clear his mind. This was important. “Dean, we don’t have to…” Sam searched for the right words and made affords to slow his beating heart. “Just because I want this doesn’t mean you have to do it.”

Sam wanted to add something more but Dean stopped him with a tender kiss. And now Sam could see it: Dean’s eyes were clouded with desire. His older brother could hardly hold back anymore. It made Sam shiver and he returned the kiss more passionately.

Then Dean lifted up a bit. With great desire and even greater care he placed his shaft at the entrance to Sam's body, and pushed in as carefully as he was able to.
Man! It was tight! So tight! But then he was past the ring.
Wow! He never had imagined that it would feel so good. Sam’s muscles gave his member an extraordinary massage each time he moved in or out. Hell! He was sure he wouldn’t last long.

Sam’s hips started to rock again, trying to get Dean in deeper. But it still wasn’t enough till Dean grabbed his legs and laid them on his own shoulders. With the change in the angle Dean finally pushed in with his full length and his cock stroke over Sam’s prostate. The younger brother cried out in sheer bliss and trembled uncontrollable.

Dean couldn’t hold back any more. He panted breathlessly. His thrusts came with full force now. Faster and faster he pushed into his brother whose cries of pleasure filled the little room.

Sam’s orgasm came with a power he had never felt before. He was on fire. Every nerve in his body vibrated. He was sure that he even lost consciousness for a few seconds.

The very moment Dean hit his peak with full vehemence. The contractions of Sam’s muscles pushed him over the edge and he came, the intensity of his climax feeling like an explosion in his body and for a split of a second he thought they were one, he and Sam. One body, one soul. Never before had he had such a feeling.

It was over way too fast.

Dean’s whole body trembled and he fell forward onto Sam who had already let his legs glide down on the sheets, too weak to control any muscle correctly but the muscles of his arms to wrap them around the shivering body of his brother. Dean's penis had slipped out of his body and Sam already felt the loss. But the way Dean cuddled up beside him, how his brother tried to be as close as possible was enough to reassure him that this night was just the beginning of a wonderful new relationship.

They both didn’t want to loosen the intimate contact. So instead of getting up they simply pulled the sheets over their entwined bodies and curled around each other.

Sam could feel his brother chuckling softly.
“What is so amusing?”

Dean smiled in the darkness of the room: “I’m just looking forward to do the other things that are on your top 5 list of your favourite wet dreams.”

Sam laughed gently. “Me too, my love, me too.”

The end

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