Four steps of destiny

Step One - An unexpected duty

Merlin- Fanfiction in 4 Teilen
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Pairing: Arthur/ Merlin
Genre: BBC "Merlin"
Rating: NC17
Type: FPS
Language: englisch

Warning: Slash
Disclaimer: They are not mine. And I give them back after playing with them.

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„Merlin?“ Gaius shouted out loud. „Merlin, come here, quickly.“
The young man peeked out of his room, a puzzled look on his face. He had studied in the great book of magic, totally lost in its wonders, for this was his free afternoon. Neither his lord nor anyone else should ask for his service for at least 2 hours.
“What is it, Gaius?” Merlin didn’t notice the soldier until he had fully stepped into the court physician’s laboratory.
With duteous gravity the knave appealed to Merlin: “Our Lord Arthur is in need of your service.”
“Now?” He hesitated. What could this arrogant son of the king want from him? He wasn’t on duty. A stern look from Gaius reminded him of his place. “Ok, I will see what I can do for my Lord.” Merlin ignored the animadverted expression on Gaius’ face and left the laboratory before his mentor could inveigh.

A few minutes later he arrived at Arthur’s room. The young man stood in the middle, fully armed, and was cursing wildly. Merlin hadn’t seen him that upset before. The king’s son whirled around the moment the young sorcerer stepped through the door.
“Where have you been? Get me out off this stuff. I’ve been waiting for you for hours.”
“Only we parted just 2 hours ago.” Merlin replied snappishly. Only then he had dressed his lord for a drill lesson Arthur got from a knight called Sir Henry, the best knight of the King and the only one -to Merlin’s knowledge - who was able to beat Arthur. He was a man in his best years, admired by the other knights for his skills in battle and by the ladies for his handsome appearance.
Regarding Arthur’s clothes and armour, the lesson hadn’t gone well. The young man was dirty, his shoulder pads weren’t in their right places anymore, and there was a great cleft in his tunic.
“Beware of what you say, servant. I’m in a very bad mood. I may not tolerate your patters right now.”
Merlin could clearly see the anger in the face of his lord, but there was something else in those blue eyes that he couldn’t put his finger on. So he decided to stop his teasing and stepped closer. With routine he unfastened the different parts of the heavy armour.
All the while Arthur muttered constantly: “How could he dare! I’m the King’s son. And he made me look like an idiot. Embarrassed me in front of the whole court. Humiliated me in front of my friend!” He was getting louder now and waved about. Merlin had difficulties to free him from his chain mail.
“My Lord, could you please hold still.”
“Hold still?” Arthur shouted. “I’ve held still long enough. Sir Henry has to stop this.” He nearly hit Merlin accidentally while he was getting out off his thick tunic.
“Maybe you should just do what Sir Henry wants you to,” the occupied sorcerer dared to say.
“What?” Arthur stopped his shouting and waving and threw a stern look down at Merlin who was now kneeling in front of him, busy unfastening the shin protectors.
“He’s your master in battle, Sire” Merlin continued. “You’re under his command, when you have a sword in your hand. Just do what pleases him and he may stop his teasing.”

A sudden change in Arthur’s behaviour gave the young warlock an uneasy feeling. The King’s son’s eyes got a dangerous glance and his expression became … Merlin would describe it as predatory.
“You do know that I’m also your master.” His voice was a bit darker now. “Would you follow your own advice, Merlin, and do what pleases me?”
“Eh…” Merlin couldn’t think of a good reply to that. What was Arthur talking about?
“I’m talking… (‘Shit! Could Arthur read his mind?’) about the effect, Sir Henry’s remarks had on me.”
“What kind of remarks?” ‘Not to mention what kind of effect’, Merlin thought insecurely.
“His remarks are rather insinuating.”
“Insinuating?” Merlin still couldn’t see what Arthur was up to. Or didn’t want to see.
“You know Sir Henry?”
His servant nodded.
“And you know that he likes to have his fun not just only with the ladies.”
Merlin’s mouth went dry. He suddenly started to sense where this was going.
“The knight likes to ensnare me,” Arthur continued, a hint of anger back in his voice, “talking salaciously, making innuendos as if I had a chance to get a reward of -let’s call it- a special kind if I do well with my training. But I never got it.”
Merlin’s thoughts hurtled through his empty swept head, desperately trying to comprehend what was going on here.
Arthur bent down to him and his voice got a conspiratorial touch.
“I’ve seen you watching me.”
‘What?’ Merlin tried to clear his mind. ‘Had he watched Arthur? Eh, yes, kind of. Cause the dragon had told him to watch over the future king. Had the King’s son come to wrong conclusions seeing him monitoring the young knight?
Arthur went on: “Your looks haven’t been of that kind a servant would give his master.”
‘No, of course not!’ Merlin thought. ‘I’m a sorcerer who could crush you to dust if I want to.’ But right now he couldn’t think of a single spell as tense as he was. Not even his magic instincts wanted to kick in.
“You want me, don’t you?” Arthur whispered.
‘What? Want him? No!’ He doesn’t want to get in touch with another man, does he? Even more so not with this arrogant son of the King.
Yes, ok, he admitted he had watched him.
Fraught with tensing in the tournament.
Very often during his drill lessons with Sir Henry.
Closely while he has danced at the feast.
By all the magic! He had followed him when ever possible. And he had enjoyed it. Seeing him win. Hearing his laughter. Spying on every movement. Elegant. Strong. Adept.

Merlin suddenly got aware of his position, kneeling at his sire’s feet, his groin directly in front of his face. He dared to look in that direction. Freed of his chain mail, the armour and the thick tunic the young knight just wore a short shirt and his linen trousers. And those trousers couldn’t hide what had swelled underneath.
‘I don’t want this, do I?’


If Merlin hadn’t been so occupied with his own thoughts he would have noticed that Arthur’s breath had quickened during his last sentences. Oh, yes, he had left the drill court quite aroused. Sir Henry knew. He knew that the fight alone excited him. It always did. Usually he had it not just under contoll, but it helped Arthur to fight with the necessary power. But the handsome knight loved to enhance his excitement with whispered sexual indications, only for him to hear but for everyone to see when his agitation led to mistakes. It was Sir Henry’s way to show him his limitations, his only weakness. Arthur hated him for that. For knowing his weak point. Not that the older knight ever announced Arthur’s secret. No, he was an honorable man concerning that point. If the King would get to know...

This afternoon however seemed to develop different than all the other lonely ones where he had to take care of his own needs after being humiliated.
His new servant.
There was something about Merlin. He still didn’t know what it was, but he had seen the looks Merlin cast in his direction. He just hoped he hadn’t misjudged them for he didn’t want to abase the young man.
At least he hadn’t missed Merlin’s gaze right now. But the future king sensed great insecurity. So he decided to let the commander speak to achieve his purpose and to make it easier for Merlin for he just had to obey and not made the decision of his own.
“You are my servant, Merlin, and as you said before: a servant should please his master.”
Arthur stepped closer to make his intentions absolutely clear and with a hoarse voice he demanded: “Please me, Merlin.”


The young sorcerer was in total confusion. He hadn’t had many experiences with women and definitely none with men. And he never had felt the need to have them ... until now.
This Arthur.
In these few weeks he has learnt a few things about his Lord: this on the surface arrogant, narcissistic and snobbish man was in fact honest, brave and loyal. Maybe he actually had the potential to be a great, noble and gracious king. And now he had to admit that he has started to feel something for this man. Adoration. Friendship. He wasn’t yet disposed to confess more.

But he didn’t have to. Now all he had to do was to obey his master’s will. Wasn’t that what even Gaius expected him to do? To do his duty? An unexpected duty and definitely not a common one, but...

The warlock reached out slowly. His hands were shaking visible as he opened the fastening and released Arthur’s taut cock. The other man’s genital was longer yet more slim and a bit paler than his own. Tentatively he touched it and curled his long fingers around the flesh and started to move his hand. He knew he was acting clumsy but his Lord seemed to enjoy it none the less.


And how much he enjoyed it. Arthur shivered with the first touch. He hadn’t fancied how good it would feel. Had no idea at all. Merlin was a novice for sure but ... was it the size of his hand, the speed of the trusts, the warmth of his fingers ... or was it just because it was Merlin who was doing this to him? Arthur didn’t know. He was lost in the slowly building sensation.


With each stroke Merlin got more sure of that to do and how to do it. It was a fascinating feeling having another man’s cock in his hand. Velvet skin over hard flesh. So alike his own and yet so different. He could see the first drops of precome and let his thumb now fondle the wet tip with every tender trust. Arthur’s sighs were a strong indication that he was doing it right.
More so. Merlin was beginning to enjoy it himself. He could feel Arthur shivering, listened to his heavy going breath and it effected him in a way he hadn’t expected. He wanted more. More sighs. More hardly suppressed whimpers. The warlock speeded up his thrusts.


And Arthur wasn’t able to suppress those whimpers any more. With half closed eyes he let his head fall onto his chest and moaned shamelessly. No longer able to stand on his own he reached for his servant’s shoulders with firm grip, his fingers digging into the flesh.


Merlin didn’t complain. Fare from it. The pain sent a hot wave through his veins, set him on fire. As if he had felt his Lord’s gaze, the sorcerer looked up directly into two blue eyes, a darker blue than he remembered. And in those eyes he could see desire. Vulnerability. Trust. And a plea.


Arthur couldn’t hide it. Not from this man. Not when he looked down into those bright blue eyes. He was so aroused. So near. But he wanted more. He just couldn’t speak out loud. He didn’t want to order it. This was his servant, yes, anyway, this wasn’t just any servant. This was Merlin. Not one second he had thought about the fact that with this incident he had revealed his secret. His secret that he preferred man. Somehow he trusted Merlin. This young man was special. And it wasn’t right to command such an act. But he couldn’t bring himself to plea either. Man! He was the King’s son. He just couldn’t plea a servant to do it. So he just begged with his eyes and hoped Merlin would understand and fulfil his need.


Yes, the warlock did understand. If anyone would have told him an hour ago that he would do what he was about to do he would have called him an idiot and have kicked him in his ass. But now.
He wanted this. Wanted to please his Lord.
No. Not his Lord.
He wanted to please the man. He was desperate to please Arthur.

So he tore himself free from those pleading eyes, moved a bit closer and opened his mouth to let the hot cock slip into it.


Arthur cried out. Yes! That’s what he needed. A small part of his lust-flooded brain wondered how Merlin had been able to know it and why he was doing it to him. That part got absolutely quiet the moment his lover started to suck him in. Slow and seducing like the sweetest sin he could imagine. His servant seemed to have a natural talent. Arthur closed his eyes and tried to pull himself together for he wanted this to last as long as possible.
Which was getting harder cause Merlin was speeding up now, letting his penis slip out nearly completely, let his tongue play mercilessly with the over-sensitive tip and suck him in again as far as he never had experienced before.
Oh Lord! It was magic.


Merlin couldn’t get enough. Not enough of the sighs, the cries and not enough of Arthur’s cock inside. The taste was strange, but strong and stimulating as a drug. The smell was stunning. He felt enchanted by the man, couldn’t think rationally at all any more, but he didn’t care. Without thinking he grabbed the knight’s naked thighs to get a better hold and sped up even more. All the while he let his tongue play with every reachable part.


Lost! He was no longer able to hold back. His climax was building up. And up. The room was spinning around and his blood rushed through his veins like fire.


He was coming. Merlin felt the tension and the shivering and tried to heighten his efforts to his maximum to give Arthur all he could. He wanted it to be perfect for the other man.
The sorcerer had only one wish for himself. Just one.

Yes! There it was. His orgasm hit him with such a force, he maybe would have collapsed if Merlin hadn’t supported his weight. And just in time he found that last working brain cell to keep him from shouting out Merlin’s name.
He couldn’t.
It wouldn’t be convenient for the King’s son to shout out loud the name of his servant as if all of this meant more than just a service, a duty to please.

The warlock didn’t let Arthur’s cock slip away until he caught the last drop.
But then it was over.

And Merlin’s mind came back to let him feel miserable and embarrassed. What had just happened here? How could Arthur demand such a thing from him? And worse: how could the sorcerer let it happen to be used? Merlin didn’t dare to look into those blue as he stood up from his kneeling position, his legs feeling numb. He was glad to here a whispered “You’re dismissed.” from his Lord, for he wasn’t capable of anything to say at all. He nearly fled.


...and left Arthur behind who suddenly felt hollow.
But why? He got what he wanted to get. And it had been good, no, fantastic.
So why did he feel so miserable?

The warlock ran down the corridors across the court yard strictly to the laboratory. Gaius stared at him, but he didn’t react to his mentor’s question if something had happened. And he was grateful that Gaius didn’t ask further. He just wanted to hide in his room.

Merlin may have gotten away from other people and inquisitive questions, but he couldn’t get away from his own thoughts. What had just happened? This whole thing had left him confused and -he couldn’t deny the obvious- aroused. Damn, he was hard like stone. The pressure to strong to ignore he lay down on his bed to take care of his own needs. The moment he touched himself he wanted his hand to be Arthur’s. Arthur’s fingers closing around his flesh. Arthur’s movements that would bring him to completion. Merlin closed his eyes and fancied the knight being with him. In this picture he looked into those blue eyes again, listened to his sighs.
Merlin’s hand moved faster. His breath got short and he had to suppress his moans for Gaius was next door. He was close now. It didn’t take much to bring him there.
And in this imagination he and Arthur were coming together. And this time his lover fulfilled his wish. The one wish he had in Arthur’s room. This time, when the knight came with all force, he called out his name:

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