Four steps of destiny

Step Two - Turn around

Merlin- Fanfiction in 4 Teilen
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Pairing: Arthur/ Merlin
Genre: BBC "Merlin"
Rating: NC17
Type: FPS
Language: englisch

Warning: Slash
Disclaimer: They are not mine. And I give them back after playing with them.

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That had hurt! He didn’t fall but Sir Henry’s impact clearly unsettled him. He stepped back to gain back his balance.
Shit! Arthur was glad that today the other knights didn’t watch for he didn’t want another humiliating scene.
He had to concentrate or his opponent would win. Or worse. He would suspect something. Arthur braced himself and attacked again. This time he lifted his sword as if he wanted to assault the knight’s head. Sir Henry held up his shield and with a swift motion Arthur’s sword hit the mark. The knight couldn’t compensate the strong impact to his hip and fell to the ground.

With a smug smile the king’s son held out a hand to the knight on the ground, but Sir Henry didn’t grip it but stood up alone.
“It took you quite long to defeat me. And I didn’t have to distract you at all this time. So what’s wrong?”
Arthur couldn’t keep his eyes from glancing past Sir Henry’s shoulder at least for a split of a second. There, under the wooden porch of the armoury, was his servant occupied polishing swords, shields and a pile of armour. He had ordered him to do it today. Deep down he had to admit to himself that he had done it to see him at least more than just 5 minutes this morning. But now he wasn’t sure it to be a good idea anymore.

The last few days Merlin had avoided him whenever possible. And whenever he was around to do his servant’s usual duty he hadn’t dared to look Arthur in the eye. It was disturbing. Arthur almost regretted that he had pushed Merlin into pleasing him with hand and mouth.
The mere thought of it made Arthur hard again. It had been so good. So hot. So…
But maybe, if he hadn’t made his servant do it, Merlin wouldn’t hate him now.

At this moment the young knight felt as if being watched and dared a second glimpse to the armoury. The light blue orbs of his servant seemed to pierce through him. Their eyes met just an instant but then Merlin looked away and pretended to be very busy. What conclusion should he draw from that?
Arthur pulled himself together.
“There is nothing wrong, Sir Henry.”
“And why don’t I believe you?” The older knight turned around and threw an appraising look into Merlin’s direction. Arthur got nervous.
“That’s your new manservant? Merlin was his name, wasn’t it?”
Damn! Arthur just nodded, edgier than before.
“A sweet boy.” Sir Henry smiled. A smile Arthur didn’t like at all.

The older knight stepped back and got into basic position.
“Let’s get back to the fight.” With that he attacked.
‘A sweet boy.’ The sentence echoed in Arthur’s head. Sweet? Maybe from the outside. But inside. Inside the King’s son could sense something … greater.

Arthur himself wasn’t great at all as he parried the vehement assault diverted as he was. He lifted his shield just in time and got a blow with the elbow of his opponent to his helmet.
“Tell me, Sire:” Sir Henry started his teasing. “Have you already taken him into your bed?”
An image of Merlin, squirming underneath him in his bed, shot into Arthur’s mind. The image was so hot. So tempting.
And very distracting. The older man attacked again and whirled the young knight around with ease. Once in his back he dropped shield and sword and wrapped his left arm around Arthur’s neck, his free hand gripped the right wrist of Arthur.
“Or are you not man enough to fuck him?”
With these words Sir Henry twisted the whole arm. Arthur could hardly suppress his cry as a sharp pain ran through his shoulder. With no strength left in his arm he had to drop his sword but Sir Henry didn’t let him go.
“Maybe I should take care of your boy.” His voice was mocking.

Arthur tried to break free but the more he wriggled the more he felt the pain. So with clenched teeth he just hissed: “I warn you: Keep your fingers away from him or you are in more trouble than you’re able to handle.”

Slowly Sir Henry loosened the grip and stepped back. But instead of reacting to the warning he turned around and, to Arthur’s surprise, addressed his servant.
“Merlin?” He shouted across the place. A loud shattering of sheet was a clear indication of Merlin’s shock to be addressed. “Come here, boy.”

Merlin was nervous. He had kept just one eye on his work, the other had constantly watched Arthur. His movements, his skill. And then his failure. He knew that Sir Henry had his “methods” to distract the future king. Arthur had admitted it that disastrous afternoon. And now the sorcerer had seen them talk during the fight. Well, maybe he should look for a spell to be able to hear things from apart because he was eager to know what Sir Henry could possibly have told Arthur to upset him so much. For Arthur was very upset. And in pain, which worried Merlin even more.
Sir Henry shouting his name wasn’t bound to ease his nervousness. Far from it! Coming closer Merlin avoided eye contact with Arthur like he had during the last days. He wasn’t disposed to give away his feelings. Not to the one that had enjoyed to humiliate him. Worse, the one he had allowed to do so.

“You know where to find the court physician?” The older knight addressed Merlin.
The warlock nodded.
“Yes, Sire.” Merlin didn’t see any need to tell the knight, that he lived in Gaius chambers.
“Good. Go and tell him I’m in need of the medicine he gave me last week. Get it here quickly. Now go, boy.” He waved with his hands to emphasise the urgency and turned back to Arthur while a worried sorcerer ran to his mentor to get the demanded.

“Medicine?” Arthur looked incredulous.
“Trust me, Sire. Your shoulder needs treatment.”
“No, it doesn’t.”
“Yes, it does.” And to confirm his statement Sir Henry gripped the hurting shoulder and squeezed.
Arthur muttered something but didn’t complain any further.
It took several minutes before the older knight spoke again: “You really like that boy.” It wasn’t a question but a conclusion.
“No, not at all.” Arthur contradicted vehemently. “He is clumsy, inexperienced and cheeky. Never before did I have such a bad manservant.”
“Inexperienced?” The older knight smirked. “You can easily change that.”
“I didn’t mean... He is ... “ Arthur spluttered. ‘Damn!’
“Remember, Arthur. I was there, when you reacted like a jealous lover when I purported to be interested in him. Don’t deny it. It’s futile.”
“There is nothing to deny.” The prince assisted.
“Ok. Try to fool me. Or maybe you fool yourself. I don’t care. All I care of is that you still haven’t your emotions under control regarding such personal matters. It’s my function to erase it and to make you an even better knight than you already are.”
“I’m the best knight in court.” The young knight spoke with pride. “I’m an ultimate killing machine. No other knight was ever able to defeat me for many years...”
“Beside me.” Sir Henry interrupted the outburst. “And so far I’m the only one who knows your weak point. But maybe, someday an enemy will find out and you’ll be lost. Get over it, Arthur.”
Seeing Merlin come back he added with a smirk: “Maybe you should release some pressure.”

Gaius had made a concerned face when Merlin had delivered the message.
“Is anyone injured?”
“Arthur?” Gaius eyes widened in shock.
“Not badly I think. As fare as I could see, Sir Henry twisted his shoulder. But he could still move properly if with pain.”
Gaius nodded and started to pour different liquids into a bowl, mixed them and poured everything into a small flagon. Then he put a stopper on it and handed it to Merlin.
“What is it?”
“A healing oil. It will help relax the muscle. Sir Henry often makes use of it.” Gaius smirked and added: “He is not as mighty as he may seem.”
Merlin could hardly believe that after witnessing the easy way Sir Henry had overmastered the prince. But then ... he knew Arthur’s weak point.
Getting back the warlock could see the two knights in a keen discussion but they stopped before he could get close enough to understand anything.
Damn! He really had to find a spell for that!

“You got it? Good.”
Arthur examined the flagon with mistrust. “What’s that?”
“Don’t worry. You don’t have to drink it.” Sir Henry laughed. Then he addressed Merlin.
“You’ll escort our prince back to his chambers, get him out of his armour and tunic and will tend to his shoulder.”
Merlin was afraid to ask: “How?”
Sir Henry could hardly suppress a smirk. “You’ll give the shoulder muscle a massage with this oil.”
“A massage?” Merlin backed away in shock.
“Yes, a massage. Surely you know how to massage a muscle.”
“I take that as a yes.”
He turned back to Arthur.
The prince sat there with clenched teeth, more out of anger than out of pain, and whispered: “What do you think you’re doing here?”
The older knight twinkled and quietly replied: “I’m giving you the opportunity to release the pressure.”

Arthur couldn’t do anything but to beckon Merlin to follow him back to the castle. And he was more than displeased with Sir Henry who had pushed him into this situation. Ok, the older knight was right in one thing: He had had a lot of pressure these days. Pressure from outside and even more pressure from inside. Yes, mostly sexual pressure. He used to have dreams at late. Dreams of Merlin pleasing him. And visions of other things he could do with his manservant. Naughty visions, quite arousing.
The prince shook his head to get rid off the pictures formed by his imagination. No, he wasn’t willing to do any of these things. He was the future king! He didn’t want to get too close to an inferior. It was something his father had taught him since he was a little boy: “Keep the distance to those you have to rule. Otherwise they don’t respect you the way it is necessary to reign an empire.”
The King had lived by his rules. He had kept even his own child away. The young Arthur had suffered under this callousness, but in time he had adapted to it. More so, he had formed the very same habits.
And now, now he couldn’t forget just everything he had learned because of some crazy fancies, could he?

The closer they got to Arthur’s room the more Merlin got nervous. A massage? Oh my god, he should massage Arthur? He couldn’t decide if he wanted to run away or to look forward to it. Man! He had so much tried to hide from his master these days. Partly out of embarrassment, partly there had been moments, where he had wanted nothing more than to rip off Arthur’s clothes and please him again. That was more than confusing.

They arrived in Arthur’s room without exchanging a word, both lost in their own thoughts. Merlin’s first movements were pure routine. With ease he helped Arthur out of his armoury and the heavy knight garment. That was the point where he usually left the room. Arthur started to get out of his thin undershirt, but it was much narrower than the garment and his shoulder refuse to do the necessary movement. With a hiss of pain he stopped the wriggling and cursed: “Don’t you see that I need a hand here?” There was a lot of anger in his voice. Damn, he hated to need help like this.
Merlin hesitated just a moment and then stepped closer. Together they got Arthur out of his shirt without too much pain.

Now they stood in front of one another with an awkward silence. Merlin tried not to look at Arthur’s bare chest. He had dreamed of touching it for so many times, he didn’t trust himself if he took a closer look at the desired. He tore his thoughts away and cleared his throat.
“I think it might be best if you lay down on your bed, my Lord.” He blushed a bit cause the pure mentioning of Arthur’s bed did funny things with his lower body.
Fortunately Arthur didn’t seem to notice but went the few steps over to his broad bed, kicked of his boots and laid down on his stomach, his head resting on his folded hands.

Merlin watched him and took a deep breath to pull himself together. The bare backside and the round bottom of the prince were so … sexy. He couldn’t think of a better description. His cock reacted to that in an embarrassing strong way. Shit!

“What are you still doing over there?” Arthur’s disgruntled voice abruptly pulled him out of his fantasies. “Don’t you have a job to do here?”
Oh, yes, the massage. The thought was not meant to calm him down, but he stepped next to the bed none the less, opened the stopper and poured some oil onto Arthur’s shoulder.

“Dawn!” The prince shouted. “Don’t you think before you do something? That stuff is cold. Idiot! You have to warm it up in your hands before using it.”

‘Wonderful! A perfect start for something I don’t want to do.’ Merlin thought.
He placed the closed flagon on the floor and reached hesitantly for Arthur’s shoulder. He awkwardly arranged the oil all over and stroked the injured muscle carefully.

“Do you call this a massage?” The knight got more and more annoyed. “Even Gwen has more strength in her small fingers than you.”

Merlin cursed. “Then call for her.” And he squeezed too hard.

“Ouch! Merlin! You fool. A massage should help, not make anything worth.”
Arthur was close to through his manservant out of the castle, but then: his muscle really needed help and he was absolutely sure he didn’t want anyone else to help him. Merlin was the lesser evil. He sighed.
“Ok, perhaps it’s just the wrong angle.”
He wasn’t sure if it was a good idea, but it was the best way for Merlin to reach his shoulder properly. “Jump on the bed, Merlin, and straddle me.”

‘What? The hell no!’ Panic rose in the warlock. He didn’t want to get THAT close to Arthur.
Shit! His body seemed to disagree: a wave of heat rushed through him and his already interested cock got harder with each passing minute. Crap! Merlin was torn between running out and jumping onto Arthur.

“Ok, ok.” He didn’t sound too happy. In fact, his voice seemed to be a bit rough. The sorcerer could only hope his master hadn’t heard it.

Kicking off his shoes -he didn’t want to soil the blankets for it was one of his jobs to change them when necessary and he had enough to do- he climbed onto the bed and threw one leg over Arthur’s body. But he didn’t sit down. No way! Arthur would be able to feel more of him than he was able to reveal. Worse: the contact would increase his agitation to a nearly unbearable level. Then, very slowly, he reached for the injured shoulder again.

Arthur had been right. From this angle he could so much better feel the structure of the muscles, the run of every single thread. Step by step the warlock learned where his fingers should stretch the flesh underneath and where to impose the pressure, sometimes with just a finger, sometimes with his whole hand or even his fist. The smell of the oil filled the air, penetrating the skin, warming the muscle from inside and healing it.

Merlin didn’t know how long he had been sitting there, he had lost track of time. All he could do was to feel that Arthur was relaxing more and more. The silent hissed of pain were gone. He even heard a sigh of pleasure now and then, muffled by the pillow.

The warlock wasn’t aware that he was no longer kneeling but sitting on Arthur’s thighs. And that the sighs of pleasure -first just out of the wonderful feeling of an attenuating pain- now also resulted from the fact that the knight could clearly feel his servant’s arousal. In fact Arthur had been likewise hard as a rock for quite a time now.
How could he not? This massage! Merlin had been right: he was in fact a quick learner. This hadn’t been Arthur’s first massage but it had been the best by far. And then there was the heat radiating from this young man. The touch of his fingers and thighs had been enough to warm his whole body, but feeling his cock get in contact with his buttocks.
Man! It had set him on fire.
Arthur was in trouble. Actually he hadn’t planed on acting on his desire.
‘Keep the distance!’
But now… now he wanted to take Merlin as his own.
How he wished to NOT be the king’s son in this moment.

Seeing Arthur lying there a sudden grin spread across Merlin’s face. The mighty Arthur procumbent at his mercy! A lot of wicked ideas came to his mind and he couldn’t resist mocking: “Now that I’m on top, what else could I do to you, Sire?”

An annoying Merlin was exactly what was needed to push Arthur to give in to his desire. The warlock didn’t have a hint of a chance. Arthur buckled underneath him and Merlin nearly tumbled from the bed. With a swift motion the knight gripped him, spun him around and the cheeky sorcerer found himself in a submisive position, lying on his back, his arms pinned next to his head by iron fingers closed around his wrists and Arthur straddling him.

And then, Arthur kept still. He just stared down to his servant.
Those blue eyes! It should be forbidden to have such eyes. He could get lost in them. The knight could see a mixture of desire and fear, which aroused him even more but worried him at the same time. He wanted Merlin but he didn’t mean to force him into something. Which feeling would get the upper hand? He tested it by moving his hips and got his hard cock in contact with a similarly stiff organ.

Merlin couldn’t suppress a sigh. He had been aroused by the thought of having Arthur at his mercy. But now that it was the other way around, he didn’t complain either. He enjoyed feeling the strength of his master more than he had imagined. And, god, the soft pressure of Arthur’s cock against his own! Oh! He couldn’t get enough of it. So he lifted up his hips a bit to intensify the contact.

A smirk spread across Arthur’s face. So, it’s desire. He let his hips twist a bit and was rewarded by another soft sigh. The prince rocked a bit more and the sighs grew to moans. Oh, it felt so good: the pressure to his cock and hearing those moans. He could go on with this forever. And yet, he wanted more.
Slowly he let go of Merlin’s wrists and let one hand wander down to their trousers. With skill he loosened both their fastenings. Then he lifted up his body to all forth and looked deep into Merlin’s eyes.
“Turn around.”

Merlin missed the weight of Arthur immediately.
‘Turn around.’
Merlin held his breath.
‘Turn around.’
It echoed through his mind and it took him a while to comprehend. Arthur wanted to penetrate him from behind! His stomach convulsed. Anxiety and eagerness at the same time.

Merlin’s mixed emotions were reflected on his face and Arthur felt the need to ease his apprehension.
“I’ll do you no harm, Merlin. I promise. You can stop this any time.” With that he waited as patient as it was possible for a prince, who was used to get what he wanted, and for a man in his stage of arousal.

The sorcerer hesitated.
‘No harm.’
Yes, he believed Arthur in that. He would do his best to protect him. It was one of his better characteristics. But the thing that convinced Merlin at last was the way the prince looked at him. It was not only great desire. That alone made the warlock shiver with anticipation. But there was more. It was... yes… a plea. Arthur wanted him, but as noble and highborn as he was, he wasn’t able to beg a servant. Merlin could help him with that. Slowly he turned around.

Arthur could have shouted with joy. It would have been more than hard, nearly impossible for him, if his manservant had turned him down. He was absolutely sure this was the first time for Merlin to be taken and was going to make sure it was as pleasurable as possible. That would be better in a somewhat different position.
“Get on your knees, Merlin, and keep your upper body down. Understood?”

Merlin got up into the demanded position and his agitation grew this every second.
It would hurt! It couldn’t be else wise. He had had Arthur cock in his mouth. He knew exactly how large it was. It HAD to hurt.
But he had also heard that it should felt incredible. Right how he couldn’t imagine how and why but he had decided to find out.

Merlin jerked as he felt Arthur’s hands at his hip.
“It’s ok, Merlin.” Arthur’s voice was rough but calming. A strange mixture.

Carefully, not to frighten the young man any more, Arthur gripped the trousers and pulled them down slowly. His eyes grew darker at the sight of Merlin’s pale, virgin buttocks and he started to tremble. Oh, my god, he wouldn’t last long. His cock was already ready to burst. Arthur reminded himself how necessary it was to prepare Merlin properly or he would harm his lover.
His Lover.
The word sounded weird, yet familiar connected to Merlin.

Pushing that thought aside for the moment Arthur reached for the flagon his servant had placed on the floor earlier, opened it and poured a great among of the oil into his hand. Warming it up he made sure his fingers were covered with the liquid and then he touched Merlin’s backside carefully. First he led his hands roam over the perfect globes. The skin was soft as satin. He never had imagine a man’s skin be so smooth. Tempting. His fingers wandered to the place where Merlin’s virginity was hidden in the dark groove. With great caution he spread the buttons apart and let his fingers slip between and started to pet the ring of muscles he so desperately wanted to enter.

Merlin felt one finger slowly trying to penetrate. He couldn’t prevent his buttons to clench. It was a reflex. His body wasn’t used to this kind of contact. Arthur didn’t push further. He just waited till Merlin’s body adapted his finger, then he let it slip deeper bit by bit.
Yes, it hurt, but not so much as Merlin had expected. The oil made it easier for Arthur to get in. And he didn’t hurry. As in slow motion he invaded the hot tunnel.
It was nearly too slow for Merlin because the more Arthur got in the more the pain eased and a feeling started that the warlock could hardly describe. His whole body started to tickle, to vibrate.
He needed more.
Without thinking he began to push back to get Arthur deeper inside.
“Eager, are we?” Arthur smiled but responded to Merlin’s wish. He pushed his finger further in, than pulled out, just to push in again.

Merlin moaned loud. Wow! That was incredible. He hadn’t known it could feel that way. When Arthur pulled out his finger completely he uttered a sound of protest just to cry out in pleasure again as Arthur added a second finger, than a third.

The sorcerer had lost all his reservation. Shamelessly he was riding Arthur’s fingers wanting to get everything, not caring about embarrassment any longer. More.

Arthur’s breath got short. Heaven! He had never seen his servant lose control so totally. He enjoyed driving Merlin crazy so much that he nearly came just by hearing Merlin’s moans and fucking him with his fingers.
With his free hand he swiftly started to totally open his own trousers, freed his hard cock and started to cover it with oil.
Shit! He was already so close. If he kept on touching himself it was over before the most thrilling part had started. So he pulled his fingers out of Merlin just to position his member and then he slowly entered.

Merlin hissed. The fingers had been arousing and had stretched him a lot, but Arthur’s cock was another thing. It first felt like it would split him into halves. He tried to breathe long and steady to ease the pain and was glad that again Arthur gave him time to adapt to his size. And like before the pain disappeared and the joy increased. And then Arthur started to move. Yes!
“Faster. Harder.”

Arthur didn’t hesitate to respond. He gripped Merlin’s hips, speeded up and changed the angle to hit the spot inside the other man to drive him out of his mind. He was willing to give his lover everything, to make it perfect. Sweat was running down his back now and he could feel his orgasm building up inside.
Just a bit more.
He had to endure a little bit longer. He so desperately wanted to take Merlin with him, to hear him scream in culmination.
Just a bit more.
So close.

Merlin felt full, complete, and it was … magic. Pure magic. He tried to match his own movements with Arthur’s thrusts and it felt like they were one body.
And then Arthur altered his movements. And even the world “magic” paled in comparison to what it felt like. Stars started to explode in from of his eyes. His vision blurred and his whole body trembled and heated up to a nearly unbearable level. It wouldn’t take much longer and he would have the greatest orgasm in his young life.
So close.

Was it just his imagination or was Merlin hotter then any other lover he had had before? Yes, Arthur had expected him to be tight. He was a virgin in the end. But this heat inside! It felt like Merlin was on fire, burning. And this firestorm consumed him, infected him, took him in and inflamed every fibre of his body. He couldn’t hold it any longer. His last defence broke and he came hard with a last strong thrust, emptied himself into the virgin body and collapsed onto the young man underneath him.

No! Merlin wanted to cry. He had been so close. It was as if his completion was just one thrust away, but out of reach. He was still trembling and his strength wouldn’t last long with him kneeing and Arthur lying on top of him.
What now?
He was in the mood to toss Arthur from the bed, run to his room and jerk off alone.
Desperation. Frustration.
Hell! That wasn’t fair.

Arthur’s brain started to work again, at least parts of it.
How embarrassing! He was a miserable lover. Merlin had done more than well and he had abandoned him.
Slowly he got up and set back on his heals. His lover was still trembling with anticipation. He should finish him. He should push Merlin over the edge.
There was a barrage inside he just couldn’t cross. He was the prince, wasn’t he? During there lovemaking he had to take care of Merlin, but afterwards? He couldn’t bring himself to do something just to please his servant. He wanted to do it. Really. Only, he wasn’t capable of overcoming his pride.
But, man! He wanted to see Merlin come. He wanted it so much.

See? An idea formed in his mind and excited him. A way out of this dilemma.

“Turn around again, Merlin.”

Turn around? It took a time for Merlin’s mind to understand what Arthur had just demanded. Why? What was he up to? Still on the edge he tried to coordinate his limbs to respond to his lust flooded brain. Then he lied there on his back still breathing heavily and looked up to his lord. Arthur was … the warlock was searching for the right word but all he could find was “beautiful”. His chest was covered in sweat, his hair was a mess, the face still flushed from his own orgasm and his cock, half-soft by now was embedded in a pool of brown hair. Merlin had never seen anybody more sensational than Arthur right now. Forgotten his wish to run away, he just waited for his lord to speak.

The prince wondered if his manservant had any idea how sexy he looked in this instant. His shirt had ridden up during their lovemaking and had uncovered his pale hairless chest with two dark nipples that stood up as if to beg for attention. His mouth was half open and he was still panting, his eyes gleamed dark blue now. And his cock! Man, his heavy cock looked hard as iron with a dark pink tip and seemed to burst any second.
For a split of a moment Arthur was desperately willing to touch him. But then he backed off. No, he wasn’t able to take that step.
He was however willing to do something else.
“Ok.” His voice was still a bit husky. “You’ve really proved that there are things in life you can take as a man.” He really meant that. He had had others in his bed that had been -to say it friendly- a disappointment.
“Now show me that you’ve grown up enough to handle some things alone.”

Merlin didn’t understand. What? Man? Grown up? Shit! Stop talking and do something or let me go! He desperately needed to come.
Wait a minute. Show him? Alone? He couldn’t mean that Merlin thought he could mean, could he?

Arthur saw the puzzled look on his servant’s face, so he decided to stop dancing around the topic: “Grip him and strike, Merlin. Jerk off! Come on, give me a good show.”

Though the warlock wanted nothing more than to get rid off the pressure, no, he didn’t want to do this. This was … private.
He sarcastically laughed inwardly. Damn, how much more private could it get? He was lying naked and fully aroused in Arthur’s bed right under his predatory eyes after he had allowed his master to fuck him into a brainless mess.
Shit! Those eyes! He never stood a chance when Arthur looked that way: a mixture of demand, desire and plea. The sorcerer only wished his prince to articulate this plea. But, no, this was Arthur! He would never plea for anything!
To hell with him!

“Merlin.” Arthur’s voice was horse and full of lust. No plea, but no order either.

Slowly Merlin’s hand moved down and clasped his own member. The moment his fingers reached their goal he was lost. The warlock was too close to think about anything else but his desire to come. And he didn’t care any longer if Arthur watched.
No, that wasn’t correct.
To his shock he enjoyed himself even more. Merlin tried to keep his eyes open to see Arthur’s face while he was pumping fiercely. His prince was sweating, his mouth half open, and he was breathing more heavy than he used to do. Yes, his lord clearly enjoyed the show.
Then the sorcerer could feel his orgasm building. He moaned loadly, threw back his head and finally closed his eyes.
He was coming!
Stars exploded, the flood of fire finally consumed him completely and in the peak of his culmination he couldn’t stop himself.
He cried out load.

The knight panted heavily.
He had hoped that Merlin would obey but watching his lover jerk off … he hadn’t expected it to be so hot.
And then, totally lost in his passion, Merlin shouted his name.

It hit Arthur like a powerful blow to his chest. No chance to block it. Unexpected. Strong. And it left a feeling he couldn’t name. He only knew that he had never felt that way before. Which created another feeling, an unwelcome one: insecurity.

Arthur looked down at Merlin who slowly opened his eyes again, regaining his strength. And he didn’t know what to do now. He only knew that he didn’t want Merlin to recognize his condition. So he jumped off the bed, closed his trousers, picked up his shirt and threw it to his servant.
“Here, clean yourself. You can wash it afterwards and bring it back tomorrow.”

Arthur turned away. He wasn’t able to look Merlin in the eyes as his servant rearranged his clothes and went up. He seemed to want to say something but kept silent.

So Arthur decided to end it quickly. “Go!” His voice sounded cold and distant. “I won’t need you until tomorrow morning.”
A moment of absolute silence -Arthur could hear his heartbeat like a drum- then he heard Merlin’s footsteps and the door.
He was alone.
But his heart kept on racing and he desperately tried to understand what had happened to him.

“Merlin? Is everything ok, boy?”
The warlock didn’t react to Gaius’s worried question but ran through the laboratory to his room and closed the door with a loud crash.

Merlin dropped back onto his bed. By all magic! He felt so miserable. Again.
His voice had been like ice. Merlin was about to cry.

This one word had hurt like a knife stabbing through his guts.
But what else could he expect from Arthur? He was and always would be an arrogant asshole that wouldn’t open up to anyone.

But Merlin had opened up to him. He had given everything Arthur had demanded and got nothing in return.
No. That wasn’t exactly correct. He could still feel Arthur’s cock, remembered the sensational feeling of his prince moving inside of him. The memory alone was able to make him hard again.

Anyway, all this was just sex. Good sex. Fantastic sex.
But just sex.
The sorcerer longed for so much more. Arthur never had taken him in his arms. He had neither given him a tender touch nor a kiss. Merlin longed for love. Embarrassed he suddenly remembered that he had cried Arthur’s name the moment he climaxed.

Heaven help him! He had fallen in love with this bugger. Could he be in a worse situation than that?

Merlin turned around onto his stomach, buried his face in his pillow and started to cry.

To be continued
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